File Prep Checklist

Most work today comes in to Bill's Print Services on a computer disk or e-mailed to us.

The convenience of sending your jobs to us via modem or disk can provide you with higher quality and faster turnaround. Some setup charges can also be avoided.

The following is a checklist for preparing your files to send to us:

What software did you use to create your document? If your file was created with software we don't support, we will help you with converting it to a usable format.

Was the file created using a Mac or PC?

Please include your fonts with the file you have created. Postscript fonts are preferred. Don't copy your entire font collection to disk. And be sure to include the exact font you have used. If you have used Helvetica Oblique, include Helvetica Oblique and not simply Helvetica.

If you used graphics in your document, please include them with your job.

Provide us a hard copy with color separations noted.

When providing a disk with your files, supply only the file you want us to output.

Keep things simple. A disk with lots of files embedded in lots of folders can be confusing. Place your fonts in a font directory or folder. Place your graphics in a graphics folder. Place your publications in their own folder.

Compress your files before sending them over the net. ZIP them, Stuff them, just be sure to compress your files before sending them over the net. This is not necessary when bringing in files on disks.

Send only a copy of your file, not your original file.

Label your disk with your name and phone number.

File/Upload Tips 

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